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Spring Chair

Sonate chair

Kleslo - Fauteuil théâtre sonate
Kleslo - Fauteuil théâtre requiem accoudoirs vernis

Requiem seat

Kleslo - Fauteuil théâtre opus

Opus seat

Kleslo - Fauteuil théâtre menuet

Menuet seat

Kleslo - Fauteuil théâtre choral

Choral seat

  • Spring-loaded seat

  • Fully customizable

  • Plain colour or pattern velvet

A solid value

This range features reliable seating which has proved to be highly popular since being created by our company. The Concerto is an extremely comfortable chair which uses very sophisticated technology and is easy to install.


Pedestal base fits to terraces or slope. Seat pan uses automatic spring mechanism and is made of wood and high-density foam.

Kleslo - Fauteuil finition carter v2


 If maintenance needs to be carried out on the backrest, the seat pan or the spring, there is no need to fully dismantle the unit as this can be achieved simply by changing the box.


  • Plain or colour-printed polyester covers can be chosen from the range.
  • Quilted covers for seat pan and backrest
  • Curved, ergonomic backrest.
  • Armrest is shared between two chairs.
  • Folding seat pan.
  • Central metal base.
Kleslo - Leader de fabrication de fauteuils cinéma, théâtre ...