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Our story

Kleslo is located in Lons-Le-Saunier, in the heart of the Jura region in eastern France. It all began in the early 1950s, when Pierre Kloeckner became aware of a surge in cinemas and auditoriums. He decided to start up a company specialising in seat manufacturing. In 1995, Alain Kloeckner took over the business and, along with his siblings, developed Kleslo. The company became the main manufacturer and fitter of seating for cinema auditoriums.

In 2013, Alain Kloeckner stepped aside, allowing Alain Ravier to manage the firm. This was a man with ample experience in  industry. He galvanised and modernised the company while keeping the following values at its forefront: creating bespoke products, listening to customers and achieving full client satisfaction.

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Our area of competence

Capable and competent

Kleslo designs, manufactures and fits seats for cinema auditoriums, performance venues, theatres and conference rooms.
Our company also provides interior decoration services such as wall and floor coverings.
Our interior design skills are greatly appreciated by project managers, in particular our ability to create specific products.

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This vocation of interior designer receives a very favorable with project ownership, we works together to create specific products.

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Commercial asset

Motivated by our conviction

Our sales and technical team is always ready to share our experience with you, offering advice on your cinema auditorium layout, with a view to making it as comfortable as possible for users. Our experts can provide off-plan advice on the design of your hall. We can also intervene on site, working with your architects, project managers and directors to find products that meet their requests and requirements. These may be affected by factors such as slopes, steps, disabled access and acoustics. 

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