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La housse Kleslo : matières premières

Our team

Our team consists of men and women who are passionate about developing top-of-the-range products. This sentiment is felt all over the company, from the research and sales department, to the design, sewing, carpentry and assembly workshops. Our staff expertise ensures our products are high quality and tailor-made, and our guidance is adapted to each individual auditorium. 

Kleslo - Leader de fabrication de fauteuils cinéma, théâtre ...

Our equipment

Kleslo has a modern, functional production unit of over 2,500 m² where the various stages of seat manufacturing are performed: a workshop where the models are designed, two computer-controlled cutting tables, areas for manufacture storage and dispatch, a computer-aided production office for liaison with customers, designers and research teams, and a showroom where the products are displayed. In order to effectively manage its supplies, Kleslo has integrated the necessary hardware into the manufacturing process. For wood supplies, we have reached a cooperative agreement with our usual partner so we can continue to innovate as well as develop and manufacture our products.

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Our partners

Kleslo fits chairs for some of the biggest cinema groups in France (Ciné Alps, CGR, Cap Cinéma, UGC, MK2) and works with Naço architecture and design studio to create original seating designs.

Fauteuil distinction janus de l'industrie 2008

Our innovations

Kleslo works incessantly to improve spectator comfort, and is constantly seeking out new shapes, materials and designs. We regularly developoriginal models whose aim is to provide the audience with an unforgettable cinema experience. 

Our awards

In 2008 Kleslo won the Janus industry award, issued by the French Institute of Design in Paris. We were the first seating company to win it. This professional recognition demonstrates the quality of the relationship we have established between a creative company (Naço design and architecture) and a manufacturer (Kleslo).