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Fauteuil Concerto Kleslo
  • With inertia system

  • ⁻ Fully customizable

  • Quilted covers for seat pan and backrest

Sophisticated technology

The Concerto is an extremely comfortable chair which uses very sophisticated technology and is easy to install.


This model features an inertia-sensitive folding mechanism and counterweight rocking system. The advantage of this technology is that there is no wear and tear sustained when the seat pan tips up, unlike with the jack folding system.


These chairs have a maximum total height of 95cm, with an adapted seat pan height for optimum comfort.

They are very robust

thanks to a metal structure that carries a 10-year guarantee.

It is a compact chair with a neat and careful design that is bound to meet your needs and expectations. Concerto chairs are covered with fabric (French fire classification: M1). The covers fasten with zips along the seat pan and backrest.


  • Plain or colour-printed polyester covers can be chosen from the range.
  • Quilted covers for seat pan and backrest
  • Curved, ergonomic backrest.
  • Armrest is shared between two chairs.
  • Folding seat pan.
  • Metal base.
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Schéma technique Fauteuil Concerto